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Spring hunts and fall two bear hunts in Washington, one of the highest bear populations, roughly 50% color phase, and over the counter tags. Bearpaw Outfitters have over 40 years experience in this area. Guided, Semi-guided, or Unguided Hunts and DIY Hunting Maps are offered.

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  Meet The Staff

Bear Hunting Outfitter Dale Denney

Dale Denney, Bear Outfitter

Washington Bear Guide Ray Doppenberg

Ray Doppenberg, Bear Guide

Bear Hunting Guide Daniel Evans

Daniel Evans, Bear Hunt Guide

Bear Hunting Guide, Brian Denney

Brian Denney, Bear Hunt Guide

Cinnamon Color Phase Bear Hunt

Cinnamon Color Phase Bear

Bob's 550 lb Bear, 8 foot long

550 lb Bear, Nearly 8 feet

Color Phase Bear Hunt, 7 Foot Bear

Color Phase Bear Hunt, 7 Foot

Washington Bear Hunting

Washington is a bear hunter's paradise, the bear population has been estimated as high as 30,000, one of the highest in the lower 48 states. There are so many bear you can buy two tags over the counter. About 50% of the bear where you will be hunting are color phase bear, so you could hunt for two different color phase on the same hunt.

Hundreds of successful bear hunts confirm Bearpaw Outfitters are one of the most experienced and successful bear hunting outfitters in the business. These are spot and stalk bear hunts using the advantage of natural food sources and Bearpaw Outfitter's extensive knowledge of bear habits. Spring permits are a draw, but if you don't draw you can still plan an Idaho Spring Bear Hunt with Berpaw because Idaho spring tags can be purchased over the counter. For hunters who do draw Washington spring bear permits, your odds of success are three to four times higher if you hunt with Bearpaw Outfitters.

Bear hunts can also be combined with turkey, deer, elk, varmints, or other hunts, ask Dale about the options available. With high bear numbers, various colors phases, over the counter tags, reasonable pricing, the option to hunt a second bear, and the hunts are not physically demanding, this is about as good as it gets for spot & stalk bear hunting.

Spring or Fall Bear Hunts


5-Day Hunts - Cost Each

Guided 1x1.....$3950

Guided 2x1.....$2950

Guided 3x1.....$2650




DIY Bear Map...$495

Bear Scouting Video

Bear Hunt Options

Guided Hunt:  A 5-day guided bear hunt including lodging, meals, guiding, field dressing, game recovery, and skinning.

Semi-Guided Hunt:  Lodging, meals, one guide per group, you are shown where to hunt, hunt on your own, BPO will help recover game.

Unguided Hunt:  Includes lodging, meals, hunting advice, and a hunting map, you will hunt on your own and recover your game.

DIY Bear Hunting Map:  This is a Do-It-Yourself unguided hunt. Save hundreds in fuel and wasted time trying to find good hunting areas. Increase your odds of success, with our marked map you drive straight to good hunting areas and hunt on your own as long as needed.

Bear Hunting Areas

Bearpaw Outfitters hunt in northeast Washington close to Idaho and British Columbia, Canada. Harvest records show more bear taken many years in this region than in other regions of Washington. It's easy to come and hunt this area, you don't have the hassle of crossing the border and dealing with customs to go on a Canadian bear hunt.

Hunting Methods

One of the most effective bear hunting methods is sitting and glassing mountain berry patches for feeding bear. Sometimes bear are spotted at close range so you can shoot when the bear is first spotted and other times bear are spotted at long distance and hunters try to stalk closer. It really gets exciting when a bear is so close in the brush that you can hear him eating but you have to wait for a clear shot. Bow hunters usually watch game trails or waterholes for close range shots.

If the thought of sitting over a bear bait pile doesn't sound appealing and you want to feel like you really earned your bear, this might be the right hunt, give us a call. This bear hunt is perfect for the bear hunter looking for a truly challenging bear hunt. Once you've hunted bear this way, you will likely want to do it again.

Shot Opportunity

Shot opportunity on the fall guided bear hunts usually runs 50% TO 80% but we've had years with 100% opportunity. Our guided spring bear hunts have been 80% TO 100% most years. Unguided hunters average about half the success of guided hunts. Shooting distances vary from 10 yards to 200+ yards. Sight your rifle dead on at 200 yards. Bow hunters should practice for 10 to 50 yard shots.

Trophy Quality

Hides are best in the spring or after chilly fall nights cause the fur to thicken in September. Roughly 50% of bear taken are off color, so there's a reasonable chance of taking a brown, blonde, or cinnamon color phase bear. There is an option to hunt a second bear after you get your first bear. Most bear weigh from 100 to 300 pounds and measure from 5 to 6 feet. Some of the larger bear have weighed from 300 to 550 pounds and measured 6 to 7 feet. Fall bear have about the same size skin as spring bear but are about 50% heavier than spring bear that have recently come out of hibernation.

Bear Hunting Seasons

Fall Bear:  Season opens Aug 1. Fall hunting is best in August and September when ripe berries attract bear from miles around. Bear only feed on berries that are ripe so timing is everything, the key to successful bear hunting is to be in the right place at the right time. The Denney family has hunted bear in Washington for over 70 years, they know when and where to hunt.

Spring Bear:  Season is open April 15 to June 15. Permits are issued by drawing, apply in February. The best time to hunt is in May or June when bear are out of their dens.


The facilities are only 10 to 60 minutes from most hunting areas. Enjoy meals in the lodge, a pool table in the den, indoor bathrooms, bunk beds in the cabins, and a lighted game cleaning area with water for cleanup. Groups can be accommodated.

What's Not Included

Meat processing, taxidermy, licenses, guide gratuities, and other items not listed as being included. Bring your personal gear and sleeping bag.


Hunters of any age can purchase fall bear hunting licenses over the counter, spring hunts are by draw only, apply in February. First time hunters may apply for a one time deferral from the Hunter Ed requirements. All other hunters must have Hunter Ed if born after Jan 1, 1972. License & tag fees for a resident adult are $24, all youth under 16 are $13, nonresident adults are $222, nonresident disabled vets are $24.

Driving Directions

Follow Interstate 90 to Spokane, exit on Hwy 395 and follow 70 miles north to Colville, then take Hwy 20 east about 3 miles to Bearpaw Outfitters.

Taxidermy and Meat Processing

Both services are available locally, meat processing is usually done in a day or two, or you can transport your trophy and carcass home.

Contact Us Today

Call or Email with any questions or to book a hunt. If sending a deposit by postal mail, use the Hunt Application to verify your details. "We look forward to meeting you and hunting with you soon."

Best Regards,
Dale, Tara, and The Staff

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Spring hunts and fall two bear hunts in Washington, one of the highest bear populations, roughly 50% color phase, over the counter tags, and Bearpaw Outfitters have over 40 years of experience in this area. Guided, semi-guided, or unguided hunts, or get a DIY Hunting Map.