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Idaho has been rated the #1 Bear Hunting state. Bearpaw Outfitters offer spring and fall bear hunts for black and color phase bear in one of Idaho's top bear hunting areas using the three primary bear hunting methods: hounds, bait, and spot & stalk. This is an extremely fun and exciting hunt in a two-bear area with reduced price bear tags and no draw is needed.

Idaho 6.5 Foot Color Phase Bear


Bearpaw Outfitters have guided bear hunters over 40 years, they are one of the most experienced and successful bear hunting outfitters with hundreds of successful bear hunts to their credit and an A+ Rating at the Better Business Bureau.

Idaho Color Phase Bear

Hunt Area

This northern Idaho bear hunting area is consistently one of the highest producing bear areas in Idaho. Bearpaw Outfitters recently tripled the size of their bear hunting area and now have 353 square miles of prime bear hunting territory.

Idaho Bear Hound Hunt


Shot opportunity is 100% most years on these Idaho bear hunts. Hunters who get their bear early can hunt a second bear, go trout fishing, or go sight seeing, the area is rich with history. Please see the Hunt Reviews by past hunters.

Idaho Bear Guide Brian Denney


Three hunting methods are utilized, hunting with hounds or spot and stalk in the morning, and hunting at active baits in the evening. This variety is very effective and loads of fun, you are not stuck doing the same thing all day every day.

Idaho Bear Bait Hunt


Bear seasons are long but we choose only to conduct bear hunts during the best months. Spring bear hunts are offered in May and June, and fall bear hunts are offered in September. Bear can also be taken during elk and deer hunting season.

Idaho Bear With Dogs and Ruby


Bear in these northern Idaho mountains have excellent hides due to the cool climate. Most bear taken make 5 to 6.5 foot rugs with occasional 7 footers. About half the bear are various off color phases and about half the bear are black.

Bear Video

Hunt Pricing

Guided Hunt...$2950
Group of Four $2750
2nd Bear........$1500
DIY Bear Map...$495

*If no shot opportunity hunt again for 1/2 price!


Buy Over The Counter
License & Tag $206.50
2nd Bear Tag...$41.75
Youth Hunters..$65.50
Disabled Vets...$65.50

Purchase at any dealer
or online: IDFG Licensing

Idaho Baited Black Bear Hunt


These guided hunts are very successful, guides know the area, handle the hounds, keep the baits going, they skin, and they pack out your bear. DIY Maps are offered for Do-It-Yourself hunters wanting to know where to bait or spot & stalk bear on their own.

The Home Base


Lodging and meals are provided in an older home, it's not fancy but it's warm, nicer than any tent camp, and close to the hunting. There are 2 to 6 hunters per hunt, 2 hunters share each guest room. You can also choose to stay at a nearby motel at your expense.

UTV Loaded With Hounds


Enjoy a continental breakfast before daylight, then hunt with hounds or spot and stalk in the morning. Return mid day for lunch, relax, swap stories, or take a nap. After a big homestyle dinner go hunt the evening at a bear bait. Snack again if desired before bed.

Bear Hunting Guide Daniel Evans

Game Care

The guides will field dress, skin, quarter, pack out your game. You can debone your meat or pack the quarters in coolers to transport your meat and trophy home with you. Taxidermy and meat cutting are available locally at reasonable rates if desired.

Two Bear Fighting In Idaho


Most hunters fill their tags early. It is your choice to go home early; hunt a second bear; go hound hunting with other hunters; go trout fishing for native cutthroat, rainbow, and brook trout; or go sightseeing, the area has a very colorful history.

Cinnamon Color Phase Bear


Bearpaw Outfitters operate near Coeur D'Alene Idaho, directions will be sent when you book your hunt. If using an airline, fly into Spokane Washington and rent a car, you will enjoy a short scenic 1.6 hour drive on paved roads to Bearpaw Outfitters.

Off Color Phase Rifle Bear Hunt


Rifles or pistols must be centerfire and weigh less than 16 pounds, .25 caliber or larger is preferred. Muzzleloaders must be .50 caliber or larger. No electronic devices can be attached to firearms or scopes except battery or tritium powered scope crosshars are allowed on firearms during any weapon seasons.

Guided Archery Hunt


Bows must be at least 40 pounds at 28" draw and no more than 85% letoff. Crossbows must be at least 150 pound draw. Arrows must be at least 24 inches, bolts at least 12 inches, and must weigh at least 300 grains including the broad head which cannot be expandable and must be 7/8" wide or wider.

Successful Rifle Bear Hunt


Bait stands are 15 to 80 yards from baits, most shots are under 50 yards when hound hunting, shots vary from 50 to 300 yards when spot and stalking. Archers should practice from a sitting position and practice standing and shooting up into a tree at 10 to 40 yards. Sight rifles dead on at 100 yards.

Fall Black Bear Hunting


May, June, and September temps can vary from cold with frosty nights to warm or hot depending on weather patterns. Bring cold weather and warm weather clothing, boots, gloves, hat, and rain is possible so bring rain gear. Check the weather forecast before leaving for your hunt.

Idaho Bear Dogs


Most any hunter can handle these bear hunts, most of the bear baits are a short hike from the road and spot and stalk hunting can be done in easily accessed logging areas. Hound hunting can be more demanding if bear go into remote areas. The guides can modify your hunt as needed.

6.5 Foot Black Bear


Items Not Included: Hunters must provide their own personal gear, sleeping bag, license and tag fees, 6% sales tax, gratuities, travel and related costs before and after their hunt, meat processing, taxidermy, shipping fees, and any items not listed as being included with your hunt.

Meet The Team

The Bearpaw Team will insure you have a fun and exciting hunt!

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Outfitter & Guide

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Idaho Bear Guide


Idaho Bear Guide

Idaho Bear Guide


Idaho Bear Guide

Idaho Hunting Dog

"The Wonder Dog"

Elite Blood Tracker

Idaho Hunting Dog


Elite Blood Tracker


Please call Dale or Tara or send email with any questions. Use the application to book your next hunt. Sign up for the newsletter to get hunting updates and application reminders.

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