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Utah Moose Hunting


Moose hunting in Northern Utah is extremely good. This is great moose hunting country that has produced some really nice trophies over the years. Best of all, Bearpaw Outfitters are experienced moose hunting guides with experience hunting moose in three states. Success has been 100% on bull moose hunts and cow moose hunts nearly every season for almost twenty years.

The reason Bearpaw Outfitters have such high success on their Shiras moose hunts is because they are always watching for moose even while they are hunting for other species and as a result they know the best places to hunt moose each season.

Bull moose, Cow Moose, and Combo Moose Hunts for multiple species are offered.


Location & Terrain

The hunting areas are in Northern Utah and elevations range from 5,000 to 9,000 feet. There are rugged mountains and canyons and there are also mountain basins and benches with easier terrain.


Trophy Quality

Most mature bull moose taken by Bearpaw outfitters have had antlers from 38” to 51” wide. There’s not a high probability of getting a Boone & Crocket bull, but it’s not impossible either. If you're an archery hunter there is a good chance of getting a Pope & Young moose when bow hunting.


Hunting Season

Utah Moose hunting seasons are open September 12 to 22 and October 3 to 25 for any legal weapon.


Best Time

Moose hunting is usually best during the rut which is the last week of September and the first week of October when bulls are moving around looking for cows. Rifle hunting can also be extremely good late in October after the leaves have fallen, especially if there’s snow on the ground for better visibility while spotting.


Hunting Methods

Depending on what weapon and time of the season that you choose to hunt, methods may include glassing open hillsides and basins, stalking on foot, calling, or sitting watching water holes or feeding areas where moose have been spotted.


Shot Opportunity

Bearpaw Outfitters can’t guarantee success, quantity, or the size of animals that are seen on wild hunts, but they will work hard to provide you the best hunt possible. Shot opportunity has been 100% nearly every year on moose hunts. Most rifle shots have ranged from 100 to 200 yards, archery shots have ranged from 10 to 50 yards.


Additional Game

Some deer, elk, and upland bird hunting is also available during the moose seasons. If you finish moose hunting early there are also forest grouse and coyotes in the mountains and the local streams and reservoirs offer exciting trout fishing.


Licenses & Hunter Ed

Moose Tags are available through a draw system. License applications must be applied for between January 22 and February 26. It is recommended that you call or email Bearpaw Outfitters and get on their mailing list. Bearpaw Outfitters will advise you when it is time to apply and how to apply. The cost for a non-resident to apply is $70. If you are drawn the tag will cost $1513.

Hunters born after Jan 1, 1965 are required to have Hunter Ed. 


Guiding Options

Bearpaw Outfitters offer 1x1 or Unguided Utah moose hunts.


Accommodations & Meals

Motel “Town Hunts”:  Stay at a comfortable motel in town. BPO will pick up & return guided hunters daily. Unguided hunters drive themselves. Your room and restaurant meals are not included so remember to budget for these expenses.

Mountain Lodge:  Enjoy indoor lodging in the mountains with cooked meals in the dining room, warm indoor bathrooms, and cozy bedrooms. It’s only minutes to some hunting areas.

Hosted Tent Camp:  The camp is accessed by auto and usually has 4 to 10 Guided or Unguided hunters in camp. Includes tents, camp gear, portable toilet, kitchen area, water, cooked meals and services provided by Bearpaw staff.

Drive-In Drop Camp:  Camp is accessed by auto and suited for 2 to 8 unguided hunters. You do not have to ride horses to get to camp. Includes tent, camp gear, water, portable toilet, firewood hand saw, and hunting advice. Bring your own food.

Spike Camp:  This is a very modest camp for 1 to 3 hunters, with heat in the sleeping quarters and easy to prepare meals. Call before the hunt to verify that conditions are not too severe to camp. Bring your warm sleeping bag for the cot.


What’s Not Included

Your personal gear, motel rooms, restaurant meals, meat processing, taxidermy, licenses, state sales tax, gratuities, and any other items not listed as being included.


What’s Not Included

Your personal gear, sleeping bag, motel rooms, restaurant meals, meat processing and shipping, taxidermy, licenses, gratuities, and any other items not listed as being included.


Travel and Itinerary

If you fly into the Salt Lake City rent a car, it’s only about a 1 to 3 hour drive depending on which hunt area you choose. Arrive the evening before your hunt begins. The last evening stay at a motel near the butcher shop so you can clean up that evening and pick up your meat from the butcher shop in the morning before departing for home.


Info and Questions

Check all the hunts in Idaho, Montana, Utah, or Washington to find the hunt that's best for you. Watch the online Hunting Videos, view the Hunting Photos, and see the Hunt Details. Feel free to Email or use the Questionnaire to get a list of references or to ask any question you have.

Contact Us Today

Call or Email with any questions or to book a hunt. If sending a deposit by postal mail, use the Hunt Application to verify your details. "We look forward to meeting you and hunting with you soon."


Best Regards,

Dale, Tara, and The Staff


Rick’s Shiras Moose Hunt
Utah Moose Hunt
s, Sept or Oct
Guide Ratio - Each
Guided 1x1…$3950
Sue’s Shiras Moose
Utah Moose Combo
With Deer or Elk
5-Days, Sept or Oct
Guide Ratio - Each
Guided 1x1…$4550
Richard’s Shiras Moose
Cow Moose Hunt
3-Day Hunt - Cost
Guided 1x1…$2450
Cow Moose Hunting
Do-It-Yourself Moose
Marked Map $275
 Shows you where to hunt public land. Improves your odds of success and saves you hundreds in time and fuel trying to learn the hunt area.
Archery Moose Hunt
Dave With A Nice Shiras Moose

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                   Operating under permits by Caribou National Forest, Idaho State Lands, and the Bureau of Land Management.

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