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2012 Cow Elk Hunts Still Available!

These Utah cow elk hunts offer some of the most exciting and successful elk hunting available anywhere. Past hunters have commented that they’ve never seen so many elk while hunting during an open elk season. Bearpaw Outfitters have guided hundreds of successful cow elk hunts, they know when and where to hunt for the best success.


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Utah manages their elk herds carefully to maintain good numbers. Cow elk hunts are authorized in areas where elk populations require cow elk hunting to keep the elk numbers within objective levels. In spite of the high elk numbers in Utah, this is real hunting for wild elk and these hunts can be a real challenge, there are no guarantees. But Bearpaw Outfitters know right where to hunt for the best success so elk are usually seen every day and over 1,000 head of elk have been spotted in a single day.


For extra fun, jack rabbits, cottontail rabbits, and coyotes can be taken on any cow elk hunt at no extra charge. Super Combo Hunts are also offered where you can also hunt your choice of doe mule deer, a second cow elk, cougar, pheasants, geese, and ducks, all on the same hunt. 

Hunting Methods and Best Time

Cow elk hunting methods include glassing and spotting, stalking, watching feeding areas, and short hikes to glassing areas. Since many areas are easily accessed using 4x4 vehicles, hunts can be arranged for hunters with physical limitations. November, December and January are usually the best months to hunt in most cow elk units.

Trophy Quality and Shot Opportunity

Most cow elk weigh from 300 to 600 pounds and on the average yield enough cut and wrapped meat to fill about three 48 quart coolers. Shot opportunity in most areas will vary from 75% to 100% most years on cow elk. There are always several hunts that are 100% successful. Many hunters shoot elk on the first or second day of their hunt, but plan to hunt up to four full days if needed. Shots often range from 100 to 300 yards so sight your rifle dead on at 200 yards.

Licenses and Hunter Ed

Cow Elk and Doe Mule Deer applications are due in June. Cow elk is $218, doe deer $88, and the Hunting License is $65. Bearpaw Outfitters will apply for your license in the best areas. There are also left-over licenses available in July or August if you miss the June deadline. A Small Game license will allow you to take cottontail rabbits and birds. Hunters need Hunter Ed if born after Jan 1, 1965.

Hunting Areas and Seasons

Hunting areas are located throughout central and northern Utah. Most hunt areas are only a 2 to 3 hour drive from Salt Lake City. Some hunts open as early as August and there are hunts open until January 31. Many of the best hunts occur in November, December, and January.

Accommodation Choices

Motel “Town Hunts”:  Stay at a comfortable motel in town. Bearpaw will pick up & return guided hunters daily. Unguided hunters drive themselves. Your room and restaurant meals are not included so remember to budget for these expenses.

Hosted Tent Camp:  The camp is accessed by auto and usually has 4 to 10 Guided or Unguided hunters in camp. Includes tents, camp gear, portable toilet, kitchen area, water, cooked meals and services provided by Bearpaw staff.

Drive-In Drop Camp:  Camp is accessed by auto and suited for 2 to 8 unguided hunters. You do not have to ride horses to get to camp. Includes tent, camp gear, water, portable toilet, firewood hand saw, and hunting advice. Bring your own food.

Spike Camp:  This is a very modest camp for 1 to 3 hunters, with heat in the sleeping quarters and easy to prepare meals. Call before the hunt to verify that conditions are not too severe to camp. Bring your warm sleeping bag for the cot.

Temperature & Weather

Early fall may have frosty nights but the days often warm up to 50 or 70 degrees. Late fall and winter temps often range from 0 to 50 degrees and snow is likely. Check current weather forecasts with the Weather Link on this website. Utah highways bareoff quickly after a storm and travel is usually not hampered for long. Bring insulated boots, gloves, thermal underwear, and plenty of warm clothing suitable for snowy conditions.

What's Not Included

Your personal gear, sleeping bag, motel rooms, restaurant meals, meat processing and shipping, taxidermy, licenses, gratuities, and any other items not listed as being included.

Travel and Itinerary

If you are flying into the Salt Lake City Airport rent a car and it’s only about a 1 to 3 hour drive to meet Bearpaw Outfitters. Arrive the evening before your hunt begins. Stay at a motel near the butcher shop the last evening so you can clean up that evening and pick up your meat from the butcher shop in the morning before departing for home.

Contact Us Today

Call or Email with any questions or to book a hunt. If sending a deposit by postal mail, use the Hunt Application to verify your details. "We look forward to meeting you and hunting with you soon."

Best Regards,
Dale, Tara, and The Staff

3-Day Cow Hunt

Usually 80%-100% Success

Nov to Jan (Town Hunt)

Guide Ratio - Each


Guided 4x1.....$1650

Guided 3x1.....$1750

Guided 2x1.....$1950

4-Day Guaranteed Hunt

Guide Ratio - Each

Guided 4x1…..$1950

Guided 3x1…..$2150

Guided 2x1…..$2450

Unguided Lodge Hunt

3-Days, Meals, Lodging...$950


Do-It-Yourself Map
Hunt On Your Own...$275
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