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Comments From Recent Hunters

October 19, 2010


Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed my trip to Idaho this October with you guys.  The lodge was great I felt bad that I was living better on a hunting trip than I do at home. The guides were great and the deer I harvested more than exceed my expectations it grossed 163. I hope that I can make it back to Idaho in the next couple years to do a lion hunt with Brian that sounds like a blast. We will see you guys maybe in Montana on a pronghorn hunt in 2011 you truly have a 1st class operation.

Thanks Again

Josh Buchanan, Virginia

October 19, 2010
Hi Dale
First I would like to thank you for a great experience. It was a very good experience to hunt with you. I am very pleased about my black bear. I was hunting with you from the 1st of September to the 4th this year 2010.. You run a very professional hunting agency. On the 4 days of hunting we saw 11 different bears. On the 3rd day I sadly missed a shot to a good bear Ė but my guide soon found me a new one. So on the 4th day I shoot a good black bear. I can only give the best recommendations for BearPaw, especially the 2 professional guides Anthony and Brian. Moreover hunting farm really nice place. I hope soon to return and hunt with you.
Best Wishes
Lars Buchard, Denmark




October 17, 2010

Dear Dale,

Thanks for a great 2010 Mule Deer hunt.  When we booked this hunt we had expectations of getting out into some beautiful country, learning more about Mule deer hunting, seeing multiple deer, and maybe fill our tags.  When we arrived we found the accommodations and the food outstanding.  Our guide, Ray, was knowledgeable and humorous,  we saw bucks and does everyday, and the countryside was everything we had hoped for.  My husband got a nice 25" buck on the third day.  I had never harvested a game animal, but I gained confidence all week and on the last day I tagged the biggest buck of that weeks hunt. 

The trip exceeded all of our expectations.  We are looking forward to a combination Elk/Mule deer hunt with BearPaw Outfitters in 2011.


Kris and Mike Baker, Washington


October 16, 2010

Hi Dale:

Sorry you couldn't  make it,  the hunt was the most exciting and fun hunt I have ever been on.  We did ground sitting, spot and stalk and stand hunting. Everybody was great especially Kim, who went above and beyond to get me a nice elk.

I will have to say that you missed some footage that would make any hunter's heart race.  Kim let me start Monday. We started in a stand and saw lots of elk, but only one that might be considered a shooter. It had real pretty white tips, but Kim said this was not a first day bull. Went back out that night and had 100 + elk in field but no shot. The second morning we walked in by the corn field to ground sit.  We had elk bulging not 80 yards from us but the wind was wrong and we could hear them running.  They went over toward the ranch owner and he shot a nice elk with his bow.  We sat awhile and then moved to where you see me in the picture.  From there we watched 4 late bulls come from the corn and cross about 90 yards from us.  One was a nice 6 X 6 but had a broken rack.   That night we sat by the corn in a stand and saw small bulls and a few cows.  Saw tons of ducks going in the corn (exciting).  The third morning, because there was only one other hunter, we did a spot and stalk.  Got out there before shooting light and the elk were bulging about 100 yards from us.  We knew the one we wanted, not by sight, but sound. At the end of his bugle, he sounded like a bear growling.  They were going to cover early, but we crawled within 80 yards of the "hoss", but could not get shot due to the terrain before he went to cover (a heart pounder).  Later that morning we tried to intersect three more bulls that were reported to us. Got to them just as they went into the reeds and could only see the tops of their racks.

That night (3rd night) we went back to a stand that Kim thought would be good based on the elk pattern.  Sure enough, here they came, over 100  of them with probably 30 bulls.  Kim found what he thought was the best (he has a great eye for that).  It is a game of chance which way they would feed, and it was in our favor that night. Most of the elk were going away from us, but about 4 bulls seem to be headed our way.  My bull started at about 380 yards and when he got to 293 yards I shot him.  I did Bearpaw outfitters proud, as I did not miss.  He didn't go down, so Kim handed me another shell, and I about reamed out my chamber trying to get it in, as I was shaking so bad.  Hit him the second time, and it looked like he was going down but wanted to shoot a third  time so he would not suffer.  I had to let Kim put the third shell in my gun!

Thanks so much.


April 28, 2010
Hi Dale,
Chip and I had a great time-Anthony was a great guide and we look forward to hunting for turkeys next spring. (hopefully sooner)
Deanne and Chip Emmons, Washington
April 20, 2010
   Had a great time with you guys.  I really appreciate your getting Ryan his bird Sunday morning.  Hope all is going well for the rest of your guys.  Attached are a few pics of my bird.  You guys run a first class ship there, hope to return and see you guys soon.  
   By the way my taxidermist thought that was the best thing since sliced bread the way you guys helped us pack those birds.  They got back without a blemish.  
Thanks again!
Greg Muffler, Illinois




Dec 21, 2009

Dale and Brian,

I cant thank you enough for the experience of a lifetime. Not only was my hunt successful but it was made that way not only by harvesting a large cougar but also be the professional and fun company. While I kidded Brian I am now going to back off a whisker and tell anybody who cares to contact me that Bear Paw is the way to go. I say this after hunting with four other guided trips. Your equipment is exceptional as is your competence.

Again thank you,

Dan A Bergeron, Wisconsin




Dec 11, 2009

     Thanks again for a tremendous hunt.  The mountain lion was really a trophy animal echoed by both the game service in Pocatello and the taxidermist here in Oregon. 
     Thank you also for your personal touch; not only for supporting me as the only hunter, but also for your encouragement and dedication in getting to and from the kill sight.  Your support was clearly above and beyond that which could be expected by any hunter.
     You will here from Rick and I in the future when we are able to plan our next hunt.
     With Great Respect and Tremendous Thanks,
Dick Gerding, Oregon




Dec 6, 2009

Hi Dale -
     Was thinking back on our Montana hunts with you and realized I hadn't followed up with word on what a great time we had.  We really enjoyed hunting with you and Anthony.
     Again, thanks for the enjoyable time in Montana.
Happy hunting,
Jeff Barnickol, California




Nov 19, 2009

What an incredible hunt in Montana! We now have 6 hunts together: 3 bears, a Whitetail buck with a bow, 2 Merriam turkeys, a cow elk, and
 now a Mule Deer and a Buffalo.

     I never would have made a 400+ yard without you telling me where to put the cross-hairs. Wind and snow is something that you cannot practice very well at a shooting range, and that is one of the few reasons I like hunting with Bear Paw Outfitters. You have always put me on animals early in the hunt and coached me through the experience. You have to remain calm, and having someone watch and talk you through the shot really helps. To now get a trophy mule deer is another chapter, and dream that I wanted to fulfill. To feel like I have developed a friendship out of our experiences is even nicer.

     The buffalo is a fun meat hunt. Their size is absolutely incredible. To think that I shot a 750 - 800 lb cow was incredible. It looked so small compared to the bulls. It was not until I got up next to it that is struck me how impressive an animal it was. Thank you again for taking care of me. We always have a lot of laughs and I look forward to seeing you every chance I can. I am now thinking about all those antelope on the 87,000 acre ranch in Montana. I don't have an antelope yet and with all the trophy bucks there, it just makes sense to do that next. Wishing you and Tara Happy Holidays, and a fantastic rest of the hunting season.

     John Hutchison, California




Nov 19, 2009

     Rick and I had a wonderful antelope hunt with you in Montana and our guide, Anthony, was great. I am getting ready to head to southern Idaho for our cougar hunt.  I plan on arriving there on the 29th of November for our 1-7 December hunt. Looking forward to another great hunt with you.
     Dick Gerding, Oregon




Nov 17, 2009

     I just wanted to say thanks again for the great trip this weekend. Me and Chris had a great time. You have a first class operation. I look forward to spending more time with your crew. I am already making plans on booking a hunt with my Dad for next year. I hope the rest of your year is safe and successful.

     Thanks again for a hunt of a lifetime.

     John Davis, Washington




 Nov 12, 2009

     Just wanted to let you know I thought you were awesome! You definitely knew how to do the "sneak", and I'm glad you did. We picked up our meat the next morning and were on our way. There was quite a bit of time to discuss the hunt, and if I get some time I'll put together a quick story - a story of the novice hunter! When I say novice, I mean novice - as if you couldn't tell!

     We had our first meal on Tuesday night - I cannot believe how good the meat was! From what I had heard from many people on how bad the meat can be, I was so ready to bottle it. I won't be bottling any of this meat - I've never had any wild meat taste the way this did (not just because I'm biased, either)! It's better than any venison, moose, elk I've ever tasted. Very happy, we both were!

     Thanks again for your guided hunt. If it weren't for your expertise, I'm positive I would not have good memories of my antelope hunt (whether I was able to shoot one, or not).

     Denise McDonald, Idaho




November 12, 2009


     It was a privilege to hunt antelope in Montana with you and Anthony. I had a great time! There were hundreds of pronghorns to see and it was fun learning how to judge their size and hunt them. I am also impressed with how important it was for you to tailor the hunts, for all of us in camp, to match our abilities. This was a perfect hunt to introduce me to what it takes to hunt out west.

     With so many animals on the ranch it was possible to put multiple stalks on them each day. The antelope soon educate you on their tremendous eyesight and skill of putting distance between themselves and hunters. Dale, you really helped me to make that 325 yard shot on my antelope when you called out the crosshair placement; especially with that stiff crosswind. After we stalked that herd twice and finally got over them, took the time to glass and evaluate each of the 3 or 4 bucks, belly crawled to a perfect spot to shoot from, made sure I had a round in the chamber and waited for other antelope to clear away from my buck; that shot call helped me focus on getting it done. As exciting as all of that was, what made the trip special for me was all of the little experiences we had before and after the kill.

     I enjoyed checking out the other critters we saw- mule deer, coyotes, porcupines, prairie dogs, and eagles to name a few. Finding the remains of an old wooden wagon abandoned on the side of a hill was a surprise. You and I had an interesting night watching a dart match back in town one night. The fact that you stopped and took the time to let me experience it all showed me that as an outfitter, you get it. These little things make a hunting trip unique. Iím looking forward to receiving any video and pictures you can send me. Iíd be honored to be a reference for you to other hunters and please feel free to provide them with my contact info. Guys, thanks again for helping me take a beautiful antelope and letting me spend some time with both of you. I hope to share another adventure soon.

     Steve Brandle, Michigan




July 23, 2009

What a good time, my grandson & son in-law are still excited about the hunt. Your patience and tutelage of my grandson means so much. With your help he (we) learned a lot about wind age and elevation and shooting in general. You even let him use your rifle!  What a hunt, this was my fourth hunt with Bearpaw Outfitters, each was excellent. I can't wait until my cougar hunt in December. Thanks Dale you outdid yourself this time. 
See you in December if not before,
Bob Baker




April 22, 2009

Hi Dale

I just wanted to thank you and Tara for another great spring Turkey hunt. I have Turkey hunted with Dale and the crew for the last thirteen seasons. They are a first class outfitter and have become good friends. I highly recommend them, you will not be disappointed with the experience.

Les Crossfield, Washington


April 22, 2009

I just wanted to thank you again for an incredible hunt and time in camp with your family and staff on my first ever Merriamís hunt in April, 2009. It was two of the best turkey hunts I have ever experienced and was a great feeling tagging out on both birds by 6 am of the second day !! Not only was the scenery of eastern Washington a great memory, but even more amazing was the amount of land available to hunt and the number of birds and wildlife that I saw. Anthony and Brian were both great guides and guys to hunt and spend time with. Not only were they very enjoyable to be around, but I was even more impressed by their hunting and guiding experience dealing with not only turkeys, but big bear and mountain lion hunts as well. It truly canít get much better than this.

Rest assured I will be coming back again for more hunts in the future and look forward to more stories, memories and good times.

Take Care and God Bless, 

Brady Hamilton, Mississippi




March 9, 2009
   Thank you Dale for a great hunt. Coming all the way from Denmark, without knowing anything about cougars, you and your team did a great job to help me out. By now I feel that I know these elusive animals way better. The first couple of days were stressful as we did not have any new snow or any tracks, but when that snowstorm came in the middle of the week, things turned around.
   It was great to see the dogs go up that mountain, barking, when we released them. But even more thrilling to meet them again some hours later by the tree. A great walk and a great moment to remember. I appreciate your efforts, the hard work from the guides and those amazing dogs. Thanks, Dale.
   Per Kaufman, Denmark
February 3, 2009
Hi Dale -- thanks for the pictures.
   Spectacular! This is the best word to describe my recent Idaho cougar hunt with the talented, professional and expert hunters of Bear Paw Outfitters! Dale, Brian and Anthony are among the best in the business. Climbing those mountains to hunt down that lion was a personal feat I will never forget. The hunt was all the more special because each of these men were seriously committed to my success. Looking forward to the next hunt...Moose!
Michael G,  Missouri
January 5, 2009
I would like to thank you and your crew for a great hunting experience. It was truly a hunt of a lifetime. Your guides are very knowledgeable and dedicated. They worked hard to assist me in harvesting my first cougar. I canít wait to get it mounted. The State of Idaho was breathtaking and it was a thrill to see the Moose and Mule Deer while hunting. Iím looking forward to booking a hunt for Mule Deer in the future.
Thanks again!
Mark G,  Missouri
January 3, 2009
Dear Dale:
   I would like to thank you for a great hunt. Brian and Anthony worked very hard for me and produced a great 8ft 6 in. Mt. Lion Your people were professional, and always gave me 100% effort. I would recommend you as an outfitter to anyone without hesitation. I hope to hunt with you again in the future. I'm attaching a picture of my lion for your records.
 Sal B.
January 2, 2009
Dale,  You can always use me as a reference.  Thank you again for a hunt that exceeded my expectations!"
John H, California
December 31, 2008
"Dale, Hope your Christmas holidays were restful and enjoyable as mine. I want to thank you and Anthony again for a memorable hunt. The combination doe deer and cow elk hunt in Utah was extremely enjoyable. Even though we had to work around the weather (waiting for heavy snowfall to move the elk herds into their winter range), Dale was able to fill the time with some rewarding pheasant and game bird hunting. Dale and his other guides go the extra mile to ensure his hunters are successful and have the best opportunities at seeing game. Pheasant hunting with "Camy", Dale's German Short Hair was a highlight of the trip.
Enjoyed hunting with you--looking forward to more.
Dave R, California
October 21, 2008
    Kurt, I hope this E-mail finds you well and rested somewhat!  I can't express how unbelievably happy I am at having success in Idaho with a 5x5 bull!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart. The professionalism exhibited by yourself and the rest of the guides at Bear Paw outfitters is, to say the least, fantastic.                                            
    My hunting experience was top notch, and exactly what I needed. The hills/mountains caught me off guard, not that I didn't know that they were there, but rather, that I felt that I could handle them better.  I know that I bitched about them some.....ok a lot, but most of that was in jest, and I hope you know that.  Dale was right when he said that I would feel better after the third day, I did, and my performance showed (nothing compared to you guys) after killing the bull.
     I appreciate your tutorage in quartering/caping the animal, and general field preparation.  When Dwight and I arrived, I kind of expected a somewhat sterile environment A.K.A. uptight, if you know what I mean.  Instead, I found a group of outgoing folks who have a common love of the sport, just like the clients they serve.  I for one really liked that and wouldn't have it any other way if I had anything to say about it!  It felt like I was hunting with friends and family, no kidding.
    Dale's mother June was an angel, and a wonderful cook!  When someone shot an animal, she made them feel like they shot the biggest animal in the world, and I think she was genuinely happy for us, Dale is a lucky man to be able to have such a great mom!
    I could go on and on, but I won't.  Lets just suffice to say: you guys are the best!
Bob R, Missouri
October 16, 2008
Dale and Tara,
Here are some of the pics that I had taken with my camera.  I wanted to thank you again,  for your hospitality and kindness.  It was a great hunt and I hope to see you again for the 2010 fall bear hunt.
Alex M, from Georgia
June 9, 2008
Dear Denney Family,
Thank you for the pictures of Adam and Grandpa Buck. That kid came home looking 10 years younger! How is that possible for an 11-year-old? Must be something in the air over there - or the absence of school work!
   Thanking you for your hospitality seems not nearly enough for what you've shared with our family. Adam is proud of his hunting endeavors and seems to come by the love of it naturally (did you know his middle name is Hunter??).
   Ever the humble boy, I don't hear him bragging to friends...only to his other grandpas. He does have plans to pin his turkey picture up on the brag board at Sportsman's Warehouse.
All the best to you!
Don, Kathy, Adam & Noah
June 8, 2008
Dear Dale,  Gail and I had a wonderful time with you in camp.  It was quite an adventure to hunt wild turkeys in the state of Washington.  I am thankful of all the information you provided on the where about of the turkeys.  My first Merriam's turkey was a very special moment in my life.  I look forward to more adventures with you in the future hunting other animals such as a turkey for my wife, black bear and mule deer.  I hope it was a great season for you and Tara.  Please send her our thanks for all the great home cooked meals that she provided.  Every thing was simply great.  I would also like to let you know that as a lifetime member of the North American Hunting Club,  I owe to my brethren to send a report of our hunt with you.  In my honest opinion you score excellent across the board.  You already have a reputation with the club and it was through the club that I came across your outfit.  Once again I would like to say thank you, good luck and I look forward to seeing you soon for another great adventure.
GOD Bless you, family and crew.
Tony and Gail, Georgia
It was a great time. I really enjoyed it. Looking forward next year for another hunt, hopefully. Here's a picture for ya.      Thanks Again,
Ron K, Washington
June 5, 2008
Dale & Tara,
I would like to thank you again, my daughter and I had a great time hunting with you! I hope the rest of the season went well. We are planning to come next year on the youth hunt. Could you send me copies of the pictures you took, they're the only one with both of us.
Thanks again, see you next spring,
Bob Baker, Washington
Hi Dale,
I hope you and your family had a nice Christmas! I was wondering if Brian ever got those pics developed of the buck I got last month? I appreciate you guys putting me on him, he truly is a buck of a lifetime! If you could email me Brian's pics I would appreciate it!  Hunting with Bearpaw was an awesome experience!
Ray, Alaska
It's been 2 1/2 months now and the memory of a great hunt is still in my thoughts, Kelly was a fantastic guide and we have become good friends to boot. I'll be making plans to visit with you in "08".  Dale, thanks again for a great hunt and for giving me such a caring guide like Kelly was.
Best Regards,
Rick, California
Dale and Tara
Just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed my mule deer hunting trip in SE Idaho this year and would like to book a reservation to return next year.  I hunted the last five days of the season and took a 20 inch 4X3 on the third day.  For next year, I would like to hunt the first five days of next season and am also interested in hunting one on one with Ray as my guide.  Let me know if this is possible.
Thanks again very much for a great trip!
Jim, Colorado
Josh Buchanan's Idaho Mule Deer
Lars Buchard 2010 Bear Hunt
Kris Baker & Ray "Her First Deer"
Mike Baker's 2010 Idaho Mule Deer
Gentleman Bill Ross, 6x6 Utah Elk
Deanne's 2010 Merriam's Turkey
Greg's 2010 Washington Turkey
Dick Gerding's 2009 Idaho Cougar
Jack Barnickol, Montana Mule Deer
John Hutchison, November 2009
Gerding's Antelope Hunt, Nov 2009
John Davis, Titan Outdoors, Nov 2009
Denise & Kelly McDonald, Nov 2009
Steve Brandle's Antelope, Nov 2009
Bob Baker And Family, July 2009
Brady's First Merriam Turkey, Apr 2009
Per's Mountain Lion, Feb 18, 2009
Michael's Mt Lion, Jan 29, 2009
Mark's Cougar, December 2008
Sal's 8'6" Lion, December 2008
John took Upland Birds, Mule Deer, and Elk, all on the same hunt, his 5th Hunt With Bearpaw in Dec 2008
2008 Late Season Combo, Dave took
the Cow Elk shown above, plus a Mule Deer doe, and some Upland Birds.
Bob's First Elk, 5x5, Idaho 2008
Alex's Color Phase Bear, Sept 08
Adam With Grandpa Buck, May 2008
Tony and Gail, Turkey, April 2008
Ron's Montana Pronghorn Antelope
Ray's Washington Whitetail
Sharon's  WA Merriam's Turkey
Jim's 3rd Hunt With Bearpaw, and another nice Mule Deer, Nov 2008

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