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Bearpaw Outfitters are licensed Montana hunting guides offering guaranteed hunts for Mule Deer Hunting and Whitetail Deer Hunting, exciting Antelope Hunting trips, excellent Prairie Dog Hunting, and meat hunts or trophy Buffalo Hunting on Private Ranch Montana Hunting. Leases.

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Montana Hunting Information

Bearpaw Outfitters Montana whitetail deer hunts, and mule deer hunts are some of the best deer hunting trips available, these November rifle rut hunts are extremely fun and successful. There's excellent rifle antelope hunts later in October and November. The special archery whitetail hunting lease is in an area that's closed to rifle hunting which results in quality bow hunting for whitetail. Many hunters also get chances at small game hunting for coyote, badger, fox, or upland birds during their big game hunts. 

Location and Terrain

There are several Montana hunting areas with good hunting for many species of game. Bearpaw Outfitters has hunted throughout the state and they now outfit on a few of the best private ranches in Central and Eastern Montana near the towns of Lewistown and Forsyth. This is mostly open country with small hills, agricultural fields, stream bottoms, ravines, open grass lands, and patches of forest in some areas. This country is fun to hunt with high numbers of Mule Deer, Antelope, and Whitetail Deer spotted on most hunting days.

Hunting Methods

Hunting methods often include glassing and spotting hillsides, brush thickets, and feeding areas and then stalking the spotted game on foot. 4x4 vehicles are often used to move from one hunt area to another and game is often seen traveling between areas. Hunters may also watch water holes or watch game trails to feeding areas.

Temperature and Weather

September and October may frost at night, but days often warm up to 40 to 80 degrees. Late October to November temps often range from 0 to 50 degrees and snow is possible. Check current weather forecasts with the weather link on this page before leaving for your hunt.

Physical Condition

Physical Condition is not too important; nearly anyone can enjoy a high degree of success on most of these hunts regardless of their physical condition.

The Outfitters

"Dale & Tara Denney" are experienced full time outfitters who have been guiding and outfitting hunters in the best areas of the west for more than 30 years. Dale and Tara have survived the test of time and are one of very few hunting outfitters who meet the membership standards and are accredited by the Better Business Bureau. Outfitting is the fulltime, lifetime, family business for the Denney's, they have devoted their lives to outfitting and guiding hunters. Dale, Tara, and their small group of experienced hunting guides have guided all types of hunters from around the world. Regardless of your age, physical ability, or previous hunting experience, Dale and Tara most likely have the hunt that you've been looking for.

Hunter Orange

All hunters must have 400 square inches of hunter orange visible above the waist at all times when hunting. Archery hunters during archery-only season do not need orange.

Billings Airport

See the Details page to find cheap flights and rental cars.

Driving Directions

Directions vary depending on the exact location chosen for your hunt. You’ll will be notified prior to your hunt.

What's Not Included

Your personal gear, motel room, meals, meat processing, taxidermy, licenses, gratuities, and any other items not listed as being included.

Licenses and Hunter Ed

Deer Tags are available through a draw, the application deadline is March 15. More information is available on the Details page. Hunter Education is required if you were born after Jan 1, 1985. Bowhunters must have proof of bow hunter education or a previous archery license from another state in order to purchase a bow hunting permit.


Montana Conservation License…......$  10.00

Montana General Draw Deer Tag…....$542.00

Montana Antlerless Deer Tag….........$  80.00

Montana Either-Sex Antelope Tag…..$205.00

Montana Antlerless Antelope Tag…...$  50.00

Montana Bow and Arrow Permit….....$  10.00


March 15 - Buck Deer License Deadline

June 1 - Antelope & Antlerless Application Deadline

Aug 10 - Purchase Remaining Antlerless Licenses

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks

Montana Licenses


Motel “Town Hunts”: Motels are a short drive from most hunt areas and close to restaurants and shopping. Hunters pay for their choice of room and meals. Guides pick up and return hunters to their room each day. Budget $50-$75 per day for meals and room.

Taxidermy and Meat Processing

Both services are available locally for a fee or you can transport your animal home. Local meat processing is usually done in a day or two.

Contact Us Today

Call Dale or Tara at (509) 684-6294 to ask questions or book a hunt. Use the Hunt Application to send a deposit by postal mail. Be sure to sign up for the Wild Update Newsletter so you receive updated hunt information and reminders of licensing deadlines.

We look forward to meeting and hunting with you,

Dale, Tara, & The Staff

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Request More Information


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Operating under permits by Colville National Forest, Caribou National Forest, Idaho State Lands, and Bureau of Land Management
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Bearpaw Outfitters are licensed Montana hunting guides offering guaranteed hunts for Mule Deer Hunting and Whitetail Deer Hunting, exciting

Antelope Hunting trips, excellent Prairie Dog Hunting, and meat hunts or trophy Buffalo Hunting on Private Ranch Montana Hunting. Leases.