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Guided Merriam's turkey hunts on private ranch hunting leases & mountain hotspots, unguided hunts, guaranteed hunts, lodging & meals at the lodge & cabins, spring 2 gobbler limit, fall 2 gobbler & 2 hens, 170% success on guided three day hunts. DIY hunting maps also offered.

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Outfitter & Guide Dale Denney

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Washington Turkey Hunting

Bearpaw Outfitters hunt Merriam's Turkey in Stevens County which has the most turkeys of any county in Washington and one of the highest turkey densities in the U.S. An amazing 74% of all turkeys taken in the state of Washington are taken here in NE Washington.

Hunters from nearly every state and numerous countries have hunted turkey with Bearpaw Outfitters, who are Washington�s most successful turkey guides with more successful turkey hunts to their credit than any other Washington turkey guides, as many as 101 birds in one season.

Bearpaw Outfitters hunt the best mountain hot spots and lease thousands of acres of the best private ranches. Guided and unguided hunts are offered, turkey licenses are sold over the counter, and youth of any age can hunt if they have passed hunter education.

Spring or Fall Merriam's Turkey Hunts

Hunt Options    -   Cost Each

3-Day Guaranteed..........$1650

3-Day Guided, 2 Birds....$1450

2-Day Guided, 2 Birds....$1250

2-Day Guided, 1 Bird........$950

3-Day Semiguided...........$950

3-Day Unguided Public....$450

DIY Turkey Map...............$295

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Spring or Fall Turkey & Bear Combo

Hunt Options    -   Cost Each

5-Day Guided 1x1.........$3450

5-Day Guided 2x1.........$2450

5-Day Semi-Guided.......$1950

5-Day Unguided............$1250

DIY Combo Map............$  495

Hunt Options

Guided Hunts:  Include lodging, meals, guiding on private ranches and mountain hot spots, and processing and cold storage of your game taken.

Semi-Guided Hunts:  Include lodging, meals, a lighted game cleaning area with water and freezer, and guides will show you good areas to hunt.

Unguided Hunts:  Include lodging, meals, a lighted game cleaning area with water and freezer, a map and directions to good mountain areas.

DIY Turkey Maps

Dale custom marks each map with at least 4 good turkey hunting areas on public land. You'll save many scouting days and hundreds in fuel trying to find birds. The map does not include any other services.

Hunt Methods

There's nothing better than calling in a big gobbler. Another reason for our high success rate is that we pattern turkey movements. We get a lot of birds by using blinds at feeding areas and strutting zones. By knowing these areas well our hunters consistently kill birds all season.

Hunting Areas

Private Ranches:  We lease numerous properties. The guides know these properties and the turkey movements extremely well. The most successful hunting method is using blinds at feeding and strutting areas.

Mountain Hunts:  Are done in mountain hotspots where there are good numbers of birds. The most successful hunting method is calling, hunters cover ground to locate toms that will call. These hunts require more hiking and are best suited to hunters wanting to cover ground and call.

Trophy Quality

Merriam�s have fantastic color that compliments any trophy room. Mature toms weigh 15 to 20 pounds with 7" to 10" beards, and �� to 1� spurs. The largest we've taken weighed 24 pounds, had 11 1/4" beard and 1 7/8" spurs. Bearded hens are fairly common and may be taken for a mount, beards on hens have measured from 3 to 8 inches.

Shot Opportunity

Guided hunt shot opportunity is over 300%, success for two birds is usually 150% to 200%, unguided hunters are about half as successful. Shot distances vary from 5 to 40+ yards. Pattern your shotgun on Turkey Targets in advance to determine your maximum effective range.

Seasons & Best Time

Spring is good until about May 20. The entire fall season is excellent.

Youth Season:  Open April 7-8 for two bearded turkeys.

Spring General:  Open April 15 to May 31 for two bearded turkeys.

Fall Season:  Sept 1 to Dec 31 for two either-Sex & two beardless.

Late Fall Turkey:  Late November and early Dec for one either-sex.

Opening Day By Noon


Lodge & Cabins:  Meals are served in the lodge dining area and there's a pool table in the den. The cabins each sleep 2 to 4 hunters and there are indoor bathrooms. There's a lighted game cleaning area with water and a freezer for meat. Groups of up to 12 can be accommodated.

Motel �Town Hunts�:  There are motels only three miles away in town if you would prefer to stay in town at your own expense.

What�s Not Included

Licenses, sales tax, gratuities, travel before and after your hunt, taxidermy (available locally if desired), and anything not listed as being included. Bring your Personal Gear and sleeping bag for the bunk beds.


Licenses are available Online or over the counter for hunters of any age. Youth hunters are half price (including non-resident youth). Hunter Ed is required if you were born after Jan 1, 1972. First time hunters can get a one year Deferral to purchase a hunting license.

Contact Us Today

Call Dale or Tara at (509) 684-6294 to ask questions or book a hunt. Use the Hunt Application to send a deposit. Sign up for the Wild Update Newsletter to receive updated hunting info and reminders of licensing deadlines. "We look forward to meeting and hunting with you."

Best Regards,

Dale, Tara, & The Staff

John's huge Washington Merriam's

Jim's double, long beard Merriam's

TJ's Washington Merriam's Turkey

Fred's double,  Merriam's Turkeys

Husband & Wife, Merriam's Turkey

Jim doubles,  WA Merriam's Turkeys

WA Merriam's Turkey Youth Hunt

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Guided Merriam's turkey hunts on private ranch hunting leases and mountain hotspots, unguided hunts, guaranteed hunts, lodging & meals at the lodge and cabins, spring 2 gobbler limit, fall 2 gobbler and 2 hens, 170% success on guided three day hunts. DIY hunting maps also offered.