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   Idaho Mountain Lion Hunting

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     Idaho Tom Mountain Lion



Idaho Tom Cougar Hunting

Idaho is a top cougar hunting destination. Bearpaw Outfitters offer guaranteed cougar hunts that have high success rates in their Idaho cougar hunting area. Bearpaw Outfitters have been outfitting and guiding mountain lion hunts for more than 35 years, they've caught hundreds of cougar including the former P&Y World Record Cougar. Shot opportunity has averaged about 75% and has even been 100% some years. Cougar hunting is not just a winter sideline, it’s serious business at Bearpaw Outfitters. Two cougar hunting options are offered, choose the hunt that you prefer.


Tom Cougar Hunt  $4950

Terms:  50% Deposit, 50% Before The Hunt Begins, No Guarantee On This Hunt


Guaranteed Tom Hunt  $6550

Terms of Guarantee:  50% Refund If No Shot Opportunity During This Hunt


Over-The-Counter Cougar Hunting License & Tag  $340.75



Why Choose Bearpaw Outfitters

An important factor to consider when choosing a Mt. Lion outfitter is what size cat you will be have to shoot. Bearpaw Outfitters prefer to hunt only tom cougar and you will not be told you have to shoot any animal. You can pass any cougar and keep hunting, it's your choice.

Bearpaw Outfitters can usually estimate the sex and weight within 10 or 20 pounds by looking at the tracks or looking at the animal. To our trained eyes, male cougar and their tracks look much different than female cougar and their tracks. The decision of which tom you want to chase or shoot is your choice. This is important because there's no sense wasting your time chasing an animal that you have no interest in taking. The time can be more wisely spent locating a cat that you want.

Hunt Area & Terrain

This Idaho hunting area is more than 50 miles across. The elevation runs mostly from 5,500 to 8,500 feet. There are rugged mountains but some of the area has gentle sloping benches and high mountain basins with easier terrain. We take it easy and have been able to get hunters of almost any physical condition to their animal.

Season, Licenses, & Hunter Ed

Cougar hunting season runs December 1 to March 31. The best hunting usually occurs when there is fresh snow in December, January, or February. The License and Cougar Tag are available over the counter for $340.75. Hunter Education is required if born after Jan 1, 1975.

Trophy Quality & Hunting Methods

Male (tom) Cougar which are also known as Mountain Lions, usually weigh from 120 to 160 pounds or more and usually skin out from 8 to 9 feet in length. Several cats even larger than that have been taken by Bearpaw Outfitters including a cat that weighed 205 pounds, was over 9 1/2 feet long, and was the P&Y world record. In fact, Bearpaw Outfitters hunters have taken dozens of record book sized cougar.

The most successful cougar hunting method is to travel mountain roads with a 4x4 truck, ATV, or snowmobile watching for fresh cougar tracks. The guides may also hike into remote areas looking for cougar tracks when necessary. Once a good set of fresh tracks is located the dogs are released and the chase is on. Because the hounds can cover so much country, Bearpaw Outfitters will try to keep you with the vehicle until the cat is bayed up, then Bearpaw Outfitters will try to get you as close as possible before hiking in to get to the cat.


Shot Opportunity & Additional Game

Shot opportunity has averaged about 75% with 100% success some cougar seasons. Most shots range from 10 to 40 yards. Coyote, Cow Elk, Bobcat, or forest grouse can often be hunted if scheduled in advance. Local waters also offer excellent fishing.

Guiding, Accommodations, & Meals

Idaho Cougar hunts are guided 1x1. It's your choice to stay at Bearpaw Outfitters old farm house or at a motel in town.

Farm House: The old farm house is two miles from town, it's not fancy, but it's warm and dry. Bring your sleeping bag for the bunk bed. Modest meals are provided at the farm house or you can choose to eat at a restaurant in town. Restaurant meals are not included in the hunt.

Motel “Town Hunt”:  Some hunters choose to stay at the motel in town. Bearpaw Outfitters will pick up & return you daily. Restaurant meals and motel rooms are not included, budget about $85 per day.

Travel, Itinerary, Trophy Care

Drive to hunting area or fly into the Salt Lake City Airport and get a rental car, or ride the airport shuttle, it’s less than a 3 hour drive from SLC to meet Bearpaw Outfitters. Arrive the evening before your hunt begins. Plan to hunt the duration of the hunt if needed and depart after your hunt ends. Reserve a motel room near the airport for your last evening so you can easily make it to the airport on time in the morning.

After you harvest your Mt Lion, your guide will skin the cat and can remove the meat which is actually very good eating, you can take it home or donate it. Bearpaw outfitters can deliver your trophy to a taxidermist or you can take it home with you, whichever you prefer.

To take your hide and meat home on a plane, go to the nearest Wal-Mart or Grocery Store and get a 24 to 48 quart cooler, a roll of wide shipping tape, a black marker pen, and 5 pounds of dry ice. Put the dry ice in the cooler on top of the meat and hide to quick freeze everything on your way to the airport. Before you go into the airport, remove the dry ice, tape the cooler, and mark it with your contact details.

What’s Not Included

Your personal gear, sleeping bag, meat processing and/or shipping, taxidermy, licenses, 6% state sales tax, motel, restaurants, gratuities, and any other items not listed as being included.

Contact Us Today

Call or Email with any questions or to book a hunt. If sending a deposit by postal mail, use the Hunt Application to verify your details. "We look forward to meeting you and hunting with you soon."

Best Regards,

Dale, Tara, and The Staff

Geir's 2012 Idaho Tom Cougar

Chris Dec 2012 Idaho Tom Cougar

Matt's 2012 Idaho Tom Cougar

Rick"s Idaho Tom Mountain Lion

Fritz's Idaho Tom Mountain Lion

Michelle's Trophy Tom Cougar

Dick's Tom Mountain Lion Hunt

Soren's 2011 Idaho Tom Cougar Hunt

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Idaho Cougar Hunting Guides Outfitters Offering Guaranteed Tom Cougar Hunts With Experienced Mountain Lion Hunting Guides And Lion Hounds