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A Different Kind Of Guide School......Students Get Real Guiding Experience With Seasoned Guides During Hunting Season

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Guide School Activities
Guide School Info  |  Guide School Activities  |  Guide School Schedule
The Bearpaw Hunting Guide School teaches and prepares students  to enter the outfitting industry in a "Hunting Guide Position" by using  "Hands-On" Training Methods during hunting seasons. Students participate in "Real-Life" hunting and guiding scenarios in the field.    
       (Activities to be experienced, but not necessarily in this order).
Personal Introductions - Q&A
Job Placement In The Industry
                   - Writing A Resume
                   - Contacting Potential Employers
                   - Follow Through
Laws and Regulations
                   - Land-Use Rules and Regulations
                   - State and Federal Game Laws
                   - Guiding and Outfitting Laws
Safety And Survival
                   - Clothing Types And Dressing Smart
                   - Sharing Your Daily Plan With Others
                   - First Aid And Hypothermia
                   - Compass, Map Reading, Waypoints
                   - Understanding GPS
                   - Fire Starting
                   - Making Emergency Shelters
                   - Necessary Items In A Guide's Pack
                   - Additional Items For Your Pack
                   - Pack Weight And Condensing Contents
                   - Verifying Client Preparedness
                   - Awareness Of Client's Physical Condition
Personal Conduct
                   - Meeting And Introducing Yourself To Clients
                   - Professionalism, Doís and Doníts
                   - Watching And Reading Your Client
                   - Handling Successes And Failures
Camps And Equipment
                   - Campsite Selection
                   - Choosing Equipment And Arranging Camp
                   - Supplies, Cleaning, And Maintenance
                   - Comfort and Concerns For Clients and Employees
                   - Keeping A Daily Camp Log
                   - Camp Teardown And Equipment Care
                   - Leave No Trace, Remove Evidence of Use
                   - Leave Campsites Cleaner Than You Found Them
                   - Organizing Equipment For Storage
Shooting Skills
                   - Picking Caliber And Weapon For The Hunt
                   - Bullet And Arrow Ballistics Training
                   - Sighting Weapons
                   - Kill Zones And Shot Placement
                   - Understanding Weapon Capabilities
                   - Long Range Shooting
                   - Shooting Your Weapon(s)
Off-Road Driving
                   - Driving Manual Transmission Trucks
                   - Driving Automatic Transmission Trucks
                   - Navigating Slick or Treacherous Terrain
                   - Avoiding Getting Stuck
                   - Winching And Hi-Lift Jacking
                   - Getting Unstuck From Various Situations
                   - Chaining Up Tires
                   - Differences Between Mud And Snow Driving
                   - ATV Riding And Safety
Identifying Game And Judging Trophy Quality
                   - Antelope
                   - Bear
                   - Cougar/Bobcat/Predators
                   - Elk
                   - Moose
                   - Mule Deer
                   - Turkey & Upland Birds
                   - Whitetail
Hunting Techniques
                   - Noise And Scent Control
                   - Scouting Techniques
                   - Spotting and Judging Game Sign
                   - Analyzing Game Movement
                   - Determine How To Hunt Where Sign Is Found
                   - Calling Techniques
                   - Waterholes, Travel Routes, Feeding Areas
                   - Tree Stands, Setup, Use, And Safety
                   - Natural Ground Blinds
                   - Pop-Up Ground Blinds
                   - Vantage Points And Glassing
                   - Still Hunting
                   - When And How To Do Drives
                   - Discuss Horse Care, Saddling, Riding
                   - Discuss Packing With Decker's and Sawbucks
                   - Path of Least Resistance
                   - Maintaining Energy And Motivation
Executing The Hunt
                   - Introduction to Guiding  (Guide, Student, Hunters)
                   - Accompany A Guide On A Hunt
                   - Using Binoculars And Spotting Scopes
                   - Knowing What To Look For When Glassing Game
                   - Explaining The Location Of Game You Have Spotted
                   - Planning Stalks, Playing The Wind, Getting In Range
                   - Range Finding And Figuring Shot Placement
                   - Setting Up And Knowing When To Shoot
                   - Analyzing The Shot And Reaction Of The Animal
                   - Following Up After The Shot
                   - Tracking and Blood Trailing
                   - Knowing How Far To Track
                   - Setting Up and Taking Trophy Photos
                   - Field Dressing, Skinning, Quartering, Caping Game
                   - Methods Of Game Retrieval
Review, Testing, Graduation
                   - Review What You Have Learned
                   - Testing And Review Of Incorrect Answers
                   - Graduation And Certification

Guide School Info  |  Guide School Activities  |  Guide School Schedule


"Hands On" Guiding Experience
Effective Glassing and Spotting
Map Reading and Survival
Deciding When To Take The Shot
Field Dressing Techniques
Off-Road Driving In Remote Country

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                  Insured - Bonded  - Licensed - Idaho #9453Montana #10651 - Utah #7549402-7500 Washington #60033744

                   Operating under permits by Caribou National Forest, Idaho State Lands, and the Bureau of Land Management.

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