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Washington Deer Hunting

Much of Washington's best deer hunting occurs in northeastern corner of the state.  Bearpaw Outfitters offer guided and unguided hunts on several excellent private land deer hunting ranches and public land deer hunting hotspots in Northeastern Washington. Bearpaw Outfitters have been guiding deer hunters since 1978 in this area, so they know the best areas for deer hunting in this area.



Mule Deer and Whitetail

Whitetails are found at most elevations and are especially abundant near farms and agriculture. Mule Deer are found in the more arid or high mountain areas. There are high numbers of whitetail and also some mule deer in this area. There have been good quality bucks of both species taken in the area, however there are more whitetail than mule deer in the area.

Location and Terrain

Bearpaw outfitters is located in NE Washington near Colville, which is close to Idaho and British Columbia. The game management units in this area offer Washingtons most productive deer hunting.

The terrain features valleys with agricultural fields and the area has rolling mountains. There are also plenty of evergreen forests with clear cuts that also provide feed and cover. This country is fairly easy country to navigate as compared to some of the Rocky Mountain States or western Washington.

Hunting Methods

Hunters can hunt alfalfa fields, timber clear-cuts, watering areas, and travel routes. Spot and stalk hunting is effective in some areas and still hunting can also be effective. 

Physical Condition

Physical condition is not too necessary for hunting many of the ranches. Anyone can enjoy a high degree of success on the Ranch Hunts. The Mountain Hunts are easier for hunters who are more physically fit so if you want to do a mountain hunt, try to be in good condition for the hunt.

Hunting Areas

Private Ranches:  The hunting leases range in size up to 2500 acres and offer excellent hunting with high success rates. These hunting leases are perfect for hunters with the patience to sit and watch feeding areas. Limited hunting is allowed on each property in order to maintain quality.

Mountain Hunts:  Numerous mountain locations offer some of the best trophy hunting in Washington. There's not as many animals per square mile in the Mountains as on the Ranches, but the trophy potential is some of the best in the northwest. These Mountain Hunts are ideal for hunters who like to cover a lot of country when hunting.

Guiding Options

Guided:  Several guide ratios are offered that include accommodations, guiding, and game care.

Semi-Guided:  Hunt on your own, with help in camp to advise hunting areas and assist you with your game.

Unguided:  Several unguided options are offered with various accommodations, hunting advice, and maps.


Lodge & Cabin:  The facilities are only 10 to 60 minutes from most hunting areas and include meals in the dining room, pool table in the den, indoor bathrooms, bunk beds in the cabins, and a lighted game cleaning area with water for cleanup. Groups of up to 16 can be accommodated.

Motel Town Hunts:  Motels are only 10 to 60 minutes from most of the hunting areas. Bearpaw Outfitters provide all hunters with their room. Guided hunters are picked up and returned to their room each day. Unguided hunters are given hunting advice and a marked map to hunt areas. Meals are not included so budget about $30 per day.

Licenses & Hunter Ed

Hunters of any age can purchase hunting licenses over the counter. Youth licenses are half price (even for non-resident youth). First time hunters are allowed a one time deferral from the Hunter Ed requirements. All other hunters need Hunter Ed if born after Jan 1, 1972. 

Hunter Orange

Hunters must wear 400 square inches above the waist during rifle deer, rifle elk, and Upland Bird seasons. 

Spokane Airport

The Airport is less than 2 hours from Bearpaw Outfitters. Check the Resources Page for flight and rental car info.

Driving Directions

From I-90 in Spokane follow Hwy 395 north 70 miles to Colville, then follow Hwy 20 east for 3 miles to Bearpaw. 

Taxidermy and Meat Processing

Both services are available locally for a fee, or you may choose to transport your trophy and carcass home. Meat processing is usually done in a day or two.  

Booking a Hunt

Dale & Tara invite you to come and experience one of the best hunts of your life, just as many past hunters have.

Please review the info for your choice of hunts, check out the Photo Galleries, and watch the Online Hunting Videos. Call Dale, Tara, or Anthony to discuss your hunt details or feel free to send Email or fill out the Contact Form for a list of references or for more hunt info.

"Call us with any questions you have, we look forward to helping you organize your next exciting hunting trip."
Thanks & Good Hunting,
Dale & Tara Denney


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Private Ranch
3-Day Whitetail
Guide Ratio - Cost Each
Guided 4x1...$1650
Guided 3x1...$1750
Guided 2x1...$1950
Private Ranch
5-Day Whitetail
Guide Ratio - Cost Each
Guided 4x1...$2250
Guided 3x1...$2450
Guided 2x1...$2750
3-Day Unguided
Mountain Hunt
Meals & Lodging
Unguided...$550 Each
5-Day Unguided
Mountain Hunt
Meals & Lodging
Unguided...$750 Each

Private Ranch
2-Day Doe Hunt
Guide Ratio - Cost Each
Guided 3x1.$650
Guided 2x1.$750
Deer Hunt Info $275
Marked Map and Hunting Details
Shows you where to hunt. Improves your odds of success and saves you hundreds in time and fuel trying to find hunt areas.

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